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Wannabe Watersports partners are brands which we have sought out to work with due to a direct interest in their philosophy or products. We believe in the products from our partners and chose to use them ourselves. We believe in only passing on products to our friends, guests and customers that we can fully stand behind ourselves. If you want any further information about our Partners feel free to contact us.

Wannabe Watersports partner Swiss Alpine Adventure

Swiss Alpine Adventure: Our parent company and activities partner. Swiss Alpine Adventure was born from a passion for watersports which was then applied to mountain sports. Mountain Bike and Mountain Sports activities which were about “enjoying the ride” rather than about performance or proving something. Now Swiss Alpine Adventure is getting back to the water through Wannabe Watersports.

Wannabe Watersports Partner - STX

STX: Premium quality inflatable SUPs and Windsurf boards at a not so premium price. STX offers great value double layer, stiff and stable boards for both Stand Up Paddle and windsurfing that will make learning, progressing and exploring a joy for all levels.

Wannabe Watersports Partner - SMIK SUP

SMIK SUP: In Australia SMIK means when something is absolutely Primo and that is what SMIK boards are about. From the “e-sea” to paddle e-Sea riders to the Slab foil board or the Mongrel which is a mix of everything SMIK has a board to suit every taste.