Who/What is Wannabe Watersports?

Wannabe Watersports is a spin-off from Swiss Alpine Adventure. Since 2007 Swiss Alpine Adventure has been helping both ex-pats and locals meet new friends and get outdoors in Switzerland. Watersports have always played a huge role behind the scenes of Swiss Alpine Adventure and Wannabe Watersports wants to take this passion and develop the philosophy of Swiss Alpine Adventure on the water.

Wannabe Watersports is Swiss Alpine Adventure in a wetsuit!

Why Wannabe Watersports?

There has always been an interest in organising watersports events for Swiss Alpine Adventure and We have already organised a number of watersports activities and the interest has been steadily growing each year, but the name Swiss Alpine Adventure does not conjure up images of sailing, SUPing or windsurfing across Swiss Lakes. Therefore Wannabe Watersports was born. We just wanna be on the water.

Will there be Wannabe Watersports Events?

Yes, there are plans afoot for Wannabe Watersports events in Summer 2020. We will still organise these events under the Swiss Alpine Adventure banner (in conjunction with Wannabe Watersports). Wannabe Watersports will promote these events and provide information on Watersports in and around Switzerland. All of our watersports events will be posted on both the Swiss Alpine Adventure Events Page and the Wannabe Watersports Facebook Page. We are looking forward to seeing you on the water in Summer 2021.