If you are looking for watersports coaching get in touch with us. We can offer coaching in the following water activities:

  • Windsurfing (all levels)
  • Sailing (Catamaran, dinghy, keelboat)
  • Wingsurfing (Intro to getting comfortable on the foil)
  • SUP (Safety and technique improvement)
  • Motorboat (basics and safety)
Windsurf Coaching
Beginner windsurf coaching on lake Zug

Prior to moving to Switzerland Dave, held the following qualifications:

  • RYA/ISA Windsurfing Instructor Level 5
  • RYA/ISA Sailing Senior Instructor
  • RYA Powerboat Advanced and Safety Boat Instructor
  • ICU Basic Kayak Tutor
  • IWSA National Lifeguard Award

Dave currently holds an International Certificate of Competence (ICC) for sail and motor craft up to 24m in length on Coastal waters and both the Swiss A and D certificates for sail and motor craft on Swiss Waters.

With a strong background in teaching and coaching watersports, he also completed a first-class honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Limerick in Ireland and a Diploma in Sports Management at the University of Dublin in Ireland. It is safe to say his passion is participating and helping others participate in a wide range of watersports. He will now use the experience he has picked up in over 35 years of participating in and coaching these sports to help you make the most out of your own time on the water.

Basic sailing skills are essential for larger boats on open water.


Private coaching rates start at 80 CHF per hour if using your own equipment. We recommend 2 hours per session to ensure sufficient time to work on specific skills. Additional equipment rental may need to be charged if we are to provide the equipment. Contact us to design your own individual coaching programme.

Seamanship is more than just being in control of your boat
Catamaran Sailing on Silsersee