What is a Wannabe?

The word Wannabe often has a negative connotation, but in reality, we are all “Wannabes”. The realisation came to me some years ago when on a windsurf trip to Sardinia. I had days where I felt I sailed quite well and days when I felt like I couldn’t get it all together. The basic skills were there, but the consistency wasn’t. I got home and was looking through some photos and just had the feeling I wanted to be better, I wanted to be more consistent. I wanted to improve.

For us this goes across the board in all the water sports we do and we believe that someone who is a true water person has a genuine desire or “want” to be better, to improve and to be the best they can be when on the water.

Everyone might want something else. Maybe you want to start windsurfing, sailing or surfing, maybe you want to improve in general or maybe you want to learn a specific skill such as Carve Gybe, Foil, Catamaran Sailing or do your first overnight passage… we all have something we want which makes us, Wannabes.

Wannabe Watersports

Wannabe Watersports is both a documentation of us chasing what we want and we also offer you our services to help you achieve your own water sports goals.

Wannabe Watersports is about promoting the desire to be on, in or around the water. We are passionate about watersports of all types and want to be out on the water as often as possible. We enjoy Sailing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle, Surfing or just about anything that gets us on the water.

Switzerland is not the place anyone immediately thinks about when you discuss watersports. The lack of an ocean, waves or even wind leaves little to spark the imagination of many watersports enthusiasts. Especially for those of us who come from coastal regions.

Switzerland has many beautiful lakes, some with quite reasonable thermal winds in Summer. The “Föhn” winds can blow at any time of year and the quite strong, but cold Bise can often be found in the lakes of the French region in Autumn. Switzerland is also situated in a perfect position for short trips to the Mediterranean or lakes Como and Garda and with many international airports jetting off to warmer climbs can be easily done.

Over time we will write some blog posts regarding different aspects of watersports in Switzerland and we will also be in a position to provide you with some of the equipment which may help you get out on Swiss waters.


Dave (@wannabewindsurfer)

Our Approach

We believe there are enough challenges in daily life. Doing the things we enjoy should be as easy as possible. Our goal is to take the challenges out of participating in watersports in and around Switzerland. Our aim will be to provide information about watersports in Switzerland and also organise some taster events during the summer. We can also provide you with clothing and equipment for Stand Up Paddling, Windsurfing and other water activities.


Dave has a background in Watersports having obtained some of the highest instructorships in Windsurfing, Sailing, Motorboating and Kayaking before moving to Switzerland. The challenges involved with participating in these sports on arriving in Switzerland led to him spending more time in the mountains skiing and mountain biking and consequently becoming a Swiss Cycling Mountain Bike Expert and founding Swiss Alpine Adventure – A community which organises events for more than 3000 ex-pats and locals in Switzerland. Wannabe Watersports is about getting back to the roots and providing possibilities and information for those who want, to participate in various watersports.


Kitesurfing in Sardina

Karin has been sailing Dart 18’s since she was a young child. She started crewing for her father and has subsequently gone on to be half of one of the most successful all-female crews up to World Championship level.

When not sailing the Dart 18 competitively Karin can be found sailing her Dart for fun on lake Zug, Kitesurfing when on holidays or cruising the Mediterranean coast on small sailing yachts.